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Plant of the Week: Postponed Featured Image
Jul 20, 2020

Plant of the Week: Postponed

We will be temporarily postponing our Weekly Plant of the Week posts. They will return in the Fall!

Plant of the Week: Agapanthus Featured Image
Jul 13, 2020

Plant of the Week: Agapanthus

Agapanthus, sometimes called “Lily of the Nile” is a beautiful perennial that has strap type green leaves, that grow about 3’-4’ high and wide. Tall blue or white clusters of flowers tower above the plants on long stems. They make wonderful cut flowers. These flowers will appear in spring to early summer. Agapanthus grow well […]

Plant of the Week: Mandevillea Featured Image
Jul 06, 2020

Plant of the Week: Mandevillea

Mandevillea is one of the premier flowering vines with gorgeous large trumpet shaped flowers that come in a variety of colors. Mandevillea make a stunning statement on any trellis in a sunny area! It can easily be controlled as they are not huge growers. They also can be grown in containers with some sort of […]

Plant of the Week: Society Garlic Featured Image
Jun 29, 2020

Plant of the Week: Society Garlic

Society Garlic is a great plant to use as a ground cover when mass planted or as accent plants to provide a little different color and texture in your garden. Society Garlic, as you might expect from the name, does smell “garlicky” however it is a great plant to help deter “critters” such as deer […]

Jun 26, 2020

Now Hiring: Maintenance Crew Team Member

Maintenance Crew Team Member, St. Johns County, FL VerdeGo is currently seeking a highly motivated and skilled Maintenance Crew Team Member. This position works as a member of the team and is responsible for landscape maintenance and enhancement projects under the direction of the Maintenance Crew Leader, in the St. Johns and Duval County areas. […]

How To: Lichens Featured Image
Jun 25, 2020

How To: Lichens

Frequently, customers come into the Garden Center with pictures or samples of lichen they have in their Garden. Most often people think that the lichen is killing their tree or plant. This is NOT the case. Lichens are moss like organisms that grow on the bark and branches of trees or shrubs. They do not […]

Plant of the Week: Jatropa Featured Image
Jun 22, 2020

Plant of the Week: Jatropa

Jatropha is a beautiful, semi-tropical, flowering plant that becomes covered in masses of bright red flowers from spring to fall. This plant is extremely butterfly friendly- especially to Zebra Wing Butterflies. Although Jatropha can grow quite tall- even into a small tree, it can be clipped and kept managed at a shorter height. Normal heights […]

How To: Squiggly Lines on Fruit Tree Leaves Featured Image
Jun 15, 2020

How To: Squiggly Lines on Fruit Tree Leaves

What are the squiggly lines on my fruit tree leaves? Homeowners are often perturbed by the sight of silvery lines running through their fruit tree leaves and in turn, causing the leaves to become crumpled. This is caused by a bug called a leaf miner. Leaf miners are actually moths that will lay their eggs […]

How To: Fertilizing Featured Image
Jun 15, 2020

How To: Fertilizing

How and When to Fertilize The best products to fertilize your plants and trees with are good quality slow release products. Fertilizing with slow release products provides an even fertilization of the plant material over a period of 3-4 months, which water soluble products do not provide. Anything that is water soluble means that once […]

How To: Watering Featured Image
Jun 15, 2020

How To: Watering

How to water and how much! When you go home with new plants for your garden or when Verdego staff come and plant trees or palms, you are often given watering instructions. Why do you need to hand water? Newly planted plants/trees have immature root systems and it will take quite awhile for the tiny […]