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Plant of the Week: Spartan Juniper Featured Image
Oct 12, 2020

Plant of the Week: Spartan Juniper

Spartan Junipers can grow into a narrow cone or columnar shape that stays quite thick.  It can grow up to 20 feet tall but is not a fast grower. They make a great stand-alone tree in your yard or if planted in a row on 4’-6’ centers, make a great screen. Spartan Junipers grow in […]

Voted Best Landscaping Company Featured Image
Sep 29, 2020

Voted Best Landscaping Company

The votes are in! VerdeGo was awarded Best Landscaping Company. Thank you so much to all our loyal patrons and everyone that voted for us.

How Do I Improve My Palm Tree? Featured Image
Sep 28, 2020

How Do I Improve My Palm Tree?

How do I improve my Palm’s health? As strange as it may seem, often the way to improve a palm’s health is to provide less attention to it by limiting the amount of trimming it.  Too often we see palms that have been over trimmed and look somewhat spindly and unattractive. Most palms should have […]

Right Plant – Right Place Featured Image
Sep 22, 2020

Right Plant – Right Place

Why planting a tree in the right place is crucial! There are many reasons for planting trees, such as aesthetics, color, flowers and most importantly shade. Deciding what tree to plant is a good first choice, but even more important is deciding what tree to plant for the space you have in mind.  Research the […]

Overwatering Causes Problems Featured Image
Sep 15, 2020

Overwatering Causes Problems

Overwatering!! The start of many of your problems! This time of year, with the amount of rain we get on a weekly basis, irrigation systems should be completely turned off.  Many people assume that, as they have a rain sensor, that it will not matter.  This is not the case at all.  Assume your irrigation […]

Sep 03, 2020

Now Hiring: Irrigation Technician

Irrigation Technician VerdeGo LLC, Green Cove Springs, FL Are you interested in joining a rapidly growing organization that values its employees and clients? VerdeGo Landscaping is a company that is committed to building lifelong relationships with our clients, by fulfilling their landscape dreams through exceptional services, quality products, delivery, professional installation and maintenance. We are […]

Problems with Turf Featured Image
Aug 24, 2020

Problems with Turf

This summer has been a pretty wet one and currently, at the Garden Center, we are seeing some common problems: Firstly, we are seeing lots of fungal disease- mostly Take-All Root Rot.  This fungal disease is usually triggered by high rainfall and stressed turf areas.  Stresses can be mowing too short (no more than 1/3 […]

Problems in the Landscape Featured Image
Aug 17, 2020

Problems in the Landscape

Problems in the Landscape There are many times that bad problems happen in the landscape and this is frequently true for newcomers to Florida. Here are some of the main reasons for problem landscapes: 1. Overwatering– significant numbers of problems are caused by overwatering. Irrigation should supplement rainfall, not the other way around. Run a […]

Butterfly Gardening Featured Image
Aug 03, 2020

Butterfly Gardening

Butterfly Gardening This is peak season for butterflies and now is a perfect time to set up a butterfly garden or add to an existing one. When setting up a butterfly garden you should endeavor to have an assortment of plants and always include both Host plants and Nectar plants. Host plants (such as Milkweed) […]

Fungal Disease in the Garden Featured Image
Jul 27, 2020

Fungal Disease in the Garden

Fungus This is the time of the year when fungal disease becomes evident in the landscape.  Many customers come into the Garden Center with problem leaves that frequently are caused by fungus issues. Diseases can be difficult to identify for homeowners as the can mistake environmental problems or maintenance problems for a disease.  Some examples […]