Irrigation Systems & Maintenance: Whether you have an old irrigation system or a new system that just doesn’t seem to be working properly, you can trust VerdeGo Landscape to diagnose the problem and provide the solution. We’ll analyze coverage, effectiveness and efficiency in order to provide a consistently healthy landscape. Our team works on many different aspects of irrigation systems:

• Installation – VerdeGo has over 15 years of experience installing irrigation systems.
• Maintenance – Our irrigation maintenance technicians perform periodic “wet-checks” to assure proper coverage so your investment isn’t compromised.
• Service Calls – Our team of trained and licensed irrigation technicians are ready to deploy and serve you.

A well designed and installed irrigation system is essential to the overall success of your landscape, coupled with routine monthly maintenance. VerdeGo Landscape provides a highly experienced and certified team of irrigation technicians keep your system at peak performance all year round.

We design and install residential & commercial irrigation systems.

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