Palms Featured Image

Palm trees including specimen, accent and more.

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Trees Featured Image

Trees including evergreens and deciduous.

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Cycads Featured Image

Cycads can look a lot like palms but are of a different family.

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Agaves Featured Image

Agave are cactus looking plants that are very drought tolerant.

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Shrubs Featured Image

A shrub or bush is a small to medium-sized woody plant.

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Flowering Shrubs Featured Image
Flowering Shrubs

A small to medium-sized woody plant that has flowers.

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Camellias Featured Image

Big, beautiful and fall blooming. We absolutely adore Camellias.

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Semi-Tropicals Featured Image

Beautiful semi-tropicals plants that will survive in our zone.

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Grasses Featured Image

Ornamental grasses that come in a variety of styles and colors.

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Groundcovers Featured Image

Groundcovers are low growing plants that can spread.

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Vines Featured Image

Vines to cover fences, trellis' or anything you want.

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Perennials Featured Image

Perennials last or remain active throughout the year, or all the time.

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Annuals Featured Image

Annuals live for a year or less, perpetuating itself by seed.

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Citrus & Fruit Featured Image
Citrus & Fruit

Florida is known for it's fruit trees and we have a great selection!

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Deer Resistant Featured Image
Deer Resistant

Looking for plants that the local deer may not munch on?

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Good Salt Tolerance Featured Image
Good Salt Tolerance

Live near the beach? Only certain plants can handle that salt.

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Moderate Salt Tolerance Featured Image
Moderate Salt Tolerance

These plants can handle some salt from wells or irrigation.

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Screening Plants Featured Image
Screening Plants

Looking to hide something? These are the plants that will do it.

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Partial Shade Featured Image
Partial Shade

A little bit of sun & a little bit of shade make these guys happy.

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Full Shade Featured Image
Full Shade

These plants like a nice cool shady spot to call home.

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