Frequently Asked Questions

• How do I use the VerdeGo website?

Useful Tools on the Verdego Website

• Can you trim right now?

How to Prune Trees & Shrubs

• How do I calculate how much mulch or rock I require?

Take measurements of each of the beds and follow the materials calculator on our website.

Material Calculator

• What do I do when my plants freeze?

What to Do or NOT to Do Post Freeze

• How do I improve the appearance of my palm tree?

How Do I Improve My Palm Tree?

• What are the black/brown spots on my leaves?

Fungal Disease in the Garden

• Why is the bottom row of my palm turning brown? What is the white stuff on the new growth of the palm?

How To: Growing Palms

• What is the green fuzzy stuff growing on my trees?

How To: Lichens

• What are the silvery “squiggly” lines on my fruit tree leaves?

How To: Squiggly Lines on Fruit Tree Leaves

• When should I fertilize? What should I use?

How To: Fertilizing

• How do I know if my plant is poisonous to my pets?

• What is the black “sooty” looking substance on my plant? What should I do?

Sooty Mold: Common Pests – Aphids, Scale & Whitefly

• What are these small, red, tick looking bugs on my plants?

Spider Mites

• What are the clouds of small white bugs that fly up from my plant?

Sooty Mold: Common Pests – Aphids, Scale & Whitefly

• What do I do about Crab Grass in my St. Augustine Lawn?

Crab Grass in St. Augustine Grass

• What do I do about Sandspurs in my Lawn?