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Hummingbirds are BACK! Featured Image
Apr 16, 2019

Hummingbirds are BACK!

Hummingbirds are BACK! Artificial feeders will attract hummingbirds. Because feeders can be placed almost anywhere, they increase your opportunities to view hummers from inside your house. However, feeders should not be the sole source of food provided. The sugar solution may appeal to the hummingbirds’ sweet tooth, but it provides little nourishment. Nectar is much […]

Attracting Wildlife to your Garden Featured Image
Mar 11, 2019

Attracting Wildlife to your Garden

There are many ways to attract different types of wildlife to your garden. For birds, try planting plants that provide dense coverage such as trees and large shrubs. Trees or plants that provide berries will give the birds a food source as well such as hollies, cherry laurel, Japanese blueberry or Ligustrum. Add bird baths […]