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Sooty Mold:  Common Pests –  Aphids, Scale & Whitefly Featured Image
Apr 10, 2019

Sooty Mold: Common Pests – Aphids, Scale & Whitefly

Aphids are common plant pests affecting all types of plants including trees and shrubs. Aphids feed on the plant sap produced by the plant leaves. They excrete a sugary, sticky, “honeydew” which covers leaves, tree limbs and trunks and anything under the infested tree or shrub. Trees and shrubs with a high infestation of aphids […]

Bees and Pest Control Featured Image
Sep 29, 2018

Bees and Pest Control

Every piece of fruit is created because of a pollinator. There are 316 varieties of native bees in Florida and countless honeybees cultivated by beekeepers. Promote pollinators by installing a pollinator garden by leaving bare spaces for soil dwellers to make their homes, plant native flowers, provide water source and habitat and reduce the use […]