Plant of the Week: Mandevillea

Mandevillea is one of the premier flowering vines with gorgeous large trumpet shaped flowers that come in a variety of colors. Mandevillea make a stunning statement on any trellis in a sunny area! It can easily be controlled as they are not huge growers. They also can be grown in containers with some sort of trellis or support as they are easily trained.

Mandevillea is considered to be a tropical vine but if they are planted in a warm area- adjacent to the house on the southern or west side, they usually recover nicely from frost damage. Of course, if they are in containers, they can be brought in.

They can grow 6’-8’ high and wide but can be clipped to control. Full sun of at least 5 hours is important for flowering and they have good salt tolerance, which is good for our seaside customers. In addition, they are rarely eaten by deer.

Mandevillea comes in a variety of colors from red, dark pink, light pink, white and even yellow- to name a few.