Pests & Disease

Insects are very active now. Aphids and chili thrips will suck the life right out of your plants, causing them to thin out, have yellowing and spotted leaves and leaf tips and buds will look small and shriveled. Spinosad is an excellent natural product for Thrips as well as Horticultural Oils for aphids, however, remember the 7-7 Rule when applying sprays. 7 in the morning or 7 in the evening to prevent burn damage.

Watch for black spot-on Roses or other foliage plants. Control by watering in the morning to allow foliage to dry completely in the sun. As rains are abundant right now, you may not need to run your irrigation system at all to minimize fungal disease.

Monitor your lawns for Brown Patch- a turf disease caused by fungus in the soil. The disease causes large brown, somewhat circular areas to develop. Control the amount of water if possible and treat with a fungicide if necessary. Treat with F-Stop.

Also watch for signs of chinch bugs in St. Augustine grass, evident by yellowish to brown patches along sidewalks, driveways or other water stressed areas in the full sun. If the product you are currently using does not control the bugs, you may have a resistant type. Switching and alternating products may help.
Bahia customers should be on the lookout for mole crickets as they are making reappearance. Your turf will feel soft and spongy.

Powdery mildew is a common disease of many landscape plants that appears as a white covering on the surface of the foliage and buds. Overcrowding with poor air circulation is often a culprit along with overwatering. Solve the cultural problems first and treat with fungicides that will help with the spread.