Can You Trim Right Now?

Not sure if you can trim right now? If you can- what?

Deciduous trees (like elms and crape myrtles) and some shrubs may be pruned now with some exceptions such as azaleas, gardenias and hydrangeas and any other spring bloomers.

Trim camellias only if they are done blooming. Reshape your hedges now as there will be a large flush of growth happening in another 3-4 weeks and you won’t have to look at twigs quite as long when they flush out.

Trim Crape Myrtles toward the end of the month if necessary. Trim lightly to shape, remove crossing branches and suckers. Topping Crape Myrtles will not only shorten the life of the tree, create fewer flowers it will result in long, leggy weak growth that will bow over when flowering especially in heavy summer rains.

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