Plant of the Week: Silver Buttonwood

Silver Buttonwood, a Florida Native, is an ideal plant for those living in high salt zones, as it is highly tolerant of full sun, sandy soils and salty conditions. Silver Buttonwood has a distinctive silvery foliage that is soft to the touch. Although this plant is considered to be a south Florida plant, it seems to do quite well in our zone.

It can be used as a specimen stand alone plant or grouped as a screen or border. It also can be trimmed up from the bottom, as it grows, to create a small tree. Silver Buttonwood has the potential to be 15 plus feet high and wide however can be kept trimmed if desired, as it has a moderate growth rate. It also can be allowed to grow into a vase shaped moderate height tree. It produces an insignificant white flower, that in turn, will produce a reddish/brown fruit later in the year.