Plant of the Week: Roses

In this part of the world there are some easy care roses that do beautifully with only a little assistance on your part.

Knock Out Roses:

It’s the easy care rose that’s been featured in every gardening book or magazine! The Knock Out Rose is an outstanding plant that really is an easy care rose. Blooms YEAR ROUND, and looks best in winter when most plants are not blooming. Use a good potting soil to the hole when planting and fertilize 4 times per year with slow release 6-8-10 Bloomer fertilizer and you’ll be amazed at the performance of this plant. Minimum of 6 hours of full sun in a well-drained area. Do not over water – they are very drought tolerant once established. Knock out Roses grow 4-6’ high and wide and are generally available in red, pink or coral colors. They are only slightly salt tolerant and the deer will eat them.

Drift Roses:

From the developers of the Knock Out rose comes a compact, prolific blooming, groundcover rose perfect for small gardens, containers, hanging baskets, or mass planted for dramatic color. Enrich the soil in a well-drained area in full sun. Fertilize with slow release fertilizer spring, summer and fall. Drift roses and very disease and pest resistant and require very little care once established. A GREAT new rose with endless possibilities in the garden. Drift Roses are also slightly salt tolerant and the deer will eat them. Spread is 3’4’ and height is 2’-3’. They are usually available in a variety of colors: red, pink, coral, peach, and white.

SunRosa Roses:

These roses are an easy care, disease resistant, ground cover rose! Very similar to the drift roses. The Sunrosa gets a little bit taller and wider than the drift roses 3’-4’ high and wide. An enthusiastic bloomer year round. They are slightly salt tolerant and the deer will eat them. Usually available in red or yellow.