Plant of the Week: Pygmy Date Palm

Feature Plant of the Week- Pygmy Date Palm or “Phoenix Robelenii”

Pygmy Date Palms are typically the most popular palm for our area. They have beautiful flowing foliage that moves in the wind. They are slow growing but still can reach a height of 10-12 feet eventually so home owners should be careful where they are putting them. Don’t be swayed by the pygmy name.

Roebelenii Palm

Pygmy Date Palms come in single trunk, double trunk, and triple trunk and occasionally with four trunks or more. These palms make a beautiful accent palm in front of your home, either standalone or in company of larger palms trees. Due to their smaller stature they can be used a little closer to the home as long as you take into account the height not hitting your roof.

They have a dark green foliage and should have a somewhat rounded head with the foliage. It should never be trimmed to resemble a giant carrot!

They are moderately salt tolerant and deer generally leave them alone.