Plant of the Week: Podocarpus

Feature plant of the week- Podocarpus

Podocarpus is a great multipurpose plant. It can be used to frame entrances, use in front of columns, or to cover large wall areas between windows. It provides excellent screening in narrow areas and it is a plant that shears well and can be rounded or boxed for an attractive formal appearance. Birds are attracted to fruit and will use the plant for nesting and cover. It is cold hardy, salt tolerant and deer don’t usually bother it.

It can growth can be 5-12 feet in height and 3-4 feet across but as it is not an extremely fast grower, it is easy to maintain at reasonable levels.

There is also a variety of podocarpus called “Pringles” which is dwarf version of podocarpus. It has all the same features of the larger growing variety however the growth range for pringles is 2’-4’ high and wide.