Plant of the Week: Pittosporum

There are two varieties of pittosporum that most commonly seen at Verdego. The Variegated Pittosporum and the Green Pittosporum. Both these varieties grow about 4’-5’ but can be kept clipped.

For Variegated Pittosporum the creamy, variegated leaves make this plant a nice contrast with other plants.

The Green Pittosporum has dark green foliage that stands out in any landscape. Pittosporum makes an excellent trimmed hedge around corners accenting a specimen, bordering an island that features a large palm, or maintained as a 4’-5′ hedge along property lines, or a foundation planting for side walls.

It can be planted back from the front line dunes as Variegated Pittosporum has good salt tolerance. Pittosporum will not tolerate wet areas, and prefers full sun but will tolerate partial shade. Pittosporum is a plant that is easy to care for however, those homeowners with deer should not plant it as the deer will eat it.