Plant of the Week: Ixora

Ixora is a great tropical flowering plant that will provide bright color as a foundation plant, accent plant or in a container. There are two types of Ixora- one variety grows larger and the other is a dwarf form. All Ixora are very salt tolerant and the deer usually don’t bother them. As they are semi-tropical, they will need to be protected from freezes.

Ixora Maui Red; Ixora Sunset Yellow or Ixora Nora Grant:

All these varieties of Ixora all grow similarly. They grow 4’-5 high and 3’-4’ wide. A beautiful bloomer with large showy flowers, Ixora makes a wonderful accent plant! Plants bloom from spring until fall.

Ixora Dwarf Red; Dwarf Orange or Dwarf Pink:

All of these are the smaller growing variety of Ixora. The dwarf variety has smaller leaves and will grow about 2’-3’ high and wide.