Plant of the Week: Asiatic Jasmine

Feature Plant of the Week- Asiatic Jasmine

Asiatic Jasmine is a wonderful ground cover that will fill in any areas that you either cannot get grass to grow in or any area requiring ground cover to keep weeds at bay. Although it takes a while to fill in, it does so quite densely eventually. It grows about 8-12 inches tall and spreads at least 3-4 feet wide.

Jasmine is identified by small, glossy leaves on slender, wiry stems that run along the ground to provide a very dense ground cover within two years after planting in full sun, slower in shade. Pruning along edges are necessary to control growth, but well worth the results. Jasmine can grow in full sun to shade and although it doesn’t flower or is not fragrant, there are varieties that at least provide some color. Some varieties you see commonly are green, variegated and sunset- which has yellows and oranges.

Jasmine has good salt tolerance and is cold hardy, however those customers with deer may want to avoid this plant as deer are known to eat it.