Plant of the Week: African Iris

Feature Plant of the Week- African Iris

There are a couple of varieties of African Iris that are most commonly seen in our area- one is the White African Iris and the other is the Yellow African Iris.

The white one is the most popular because, although it spreads wider, not to the degree that the yellow variety does. The White African Iris grows 2’-4’ high and wide and is very salt tolerant and deer don’t usually bother it.

It is a clumping upright type plant with long slender leaves growing fan shaped. Spikes of white iris with purple and yellow centers open flat on long stems and flower from spring to fall. Plant 3′ apart to prevent over-crowding. It is an excellent cold hardy, evergreen perennial that is used as a mass group planting, as accents along pool screen beds, or as lone specimens within the landscape to add a different texture and contrast.

The Yellow African Iris grows similarly however tends to grow slightly taller and wider and is identified by thinner leaves and a yellow flower with brown center.
Both varieties are easy to grow and maintain.