Living Christmas Trees

Living Christmas Trees

If you want a live Christmas tree this year that you can plant outdoors after consider some of these choices:

Carolina Sapphire Cypress is a great option. It is a silvery green color and has the “Christmas tree” shape that is desirable. Plant the tree in the ground in a bright sunny area that has the room to allow it to grow. The height will be about 30 feet with a spread of about 15 feet.

Hollies are another good choice. East Palatka Hollies and Nellie Stevens are two common varieties in this area. They also have the “Christmas tree” shape when they are smaller. Hollies have bright red berries that add to the festive look. Both trees can be planted outside as well in a bright sunny area. They also would be about 30 feet tall with a spread of 15 feet.

Torulosa Juniper is another great idea. It has a narrow, slightly conical shape when it is young but opens up in a twisted shape as it grows. It can be planted outside in full sun and will be about 15 feet tall with about an 8 foot spread.

Stop by and see some for yourself!