Citrus & Fruit

Citrus and Fruit

Would you like to have fresh fruit available in your yard?

Citrus trees, peach trees and fig trees are currently available at Verdego Garden Center!

Oranges are a favorite with two varieties available – naval orange or red naval orange along with Valencia. Naval oranges produce their fruit earlier in the season- around the end of November to end of December. Valencias are later producers- closer to February/March.

Grapefruit is another variety available – the most popular one being Ruby Red Grapefruit. They also are early producers with the fruit ripening around the end of November to the end of December.

Minnelo Tangelo (honeybell) is another popular variety of citrus. They are late season producers with the fruit being ready about March.

Lemons (Meyer Lemon) or Limes (Persian or Keylimequat) are also available. Both lemons and limes are “everbearing” which means it is possible to have flowers and fruit on the same plant.

In addition to citrus we have Peach (Florida hybrid varieties) and two types of Figs – Brown Turkey and Black Mission.

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