VIG Program

If you have been at Verdego Garden Center, you undoubtedly been asked if you would like to be a VIG and you may have seen it on our signage.

What is VIG you ask? VIG stands for Very Important Gardener and it is a customer loyalty program that is designed to encourage our customers to come back to Verdego. The VIG program not only gives you the BEST selection and variety of plants and palms but it provides our customers with our knowledge and expertise.

In addition, our loyalty customers are given a ten percent discount every time they come (excluding soil, chemicals and fertilizers) as well as monthly VIG specials that are advertised in house.

Customers are also able to sign up for a monthly newsletter that is designed to educate our customers-providing them with a monthly checklist, plant profiles and a variety of information. If they choose to sign up, they also receive a coupon on the birthday every year.

Consider signing up for VIG and not only reap the benefits of the program but the information provided in the monthly newsletter.

How do I sign up?

Signing up to be a VIG is easy and FREE! Simply follow these steps:

Step 1: Scroll down and enter in your info below to sign up for our monthly newsletter full of Gardening Tips.

Step 2: Stop by our Garden Center and visit the front desk to enter in your info to receive your VIG Discounts.