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frangi Beauty in the Garden Center

Assistant Garden Center Manager Carries take a stroll through our garden center and snaps some gorgeous pics! Come by and see for yourself!  ...continue reading this article »

camellia Available Now! Beautiful Camellia’s!

New in the Garden Center we’ve got the beautiful winter time bloomer – Camellias Camellias These big, bold flowers bloom during winter when most other flowering plants are sleeping. Japonica Camellia’s are graceful, formal plants that become small trees over many years. Camellia’s are long lived plants and can often be found on old southern homesteads. Dark green, glossy leaves just... 

scale_plant Scale Insects on Ornamental Plants

Scale can cause major problems with your plants. Below is a great article on Scale Insects on Ornamental Plants from the Texas Agricultural Extension Office. CLICK HERE to download the article for printing!                ...continue reading this article »

Pumpkin 3 2013 Fall Festival & Pumpkin Patch Cancelled

Due to unforeseen circumstances VerdeGo will be unable to host the 2013 Fall Festival and Pumpkin Patch this year. Our garden center and landscape crews have been overwhelmed with the increase in demand for landscape renovations. And due to all the rain we have been receiving recently, the pumpkins for the Pumpkin Patch have rotted out. We sincerely apologize for the cancellation of these annual town... 

maple September Plants of the Month: Trees

Careful placement of trees on your property can assist with energy costs.  The Department of Energy estimates that the proper placement of as few as three trees can save the average household between 100-250 annually in energy costs. In Florida, trees that help reduce summer heat are a priority for many homeowners.  Deciduous trees shed all or most of their leaves at once each year.  Planting deciduous... 

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