Plant Guarantee

Plant Guarantee

VerdeGo’s Plant Warranty Policy: We guarantee that at the time of purchase, delivery or installation, all plants will free of insects, disease, defects or damage, and are subject to inspection by the customer at the time of purchase, delivery or installation.

Since the care for plant(s) after purchase, deliver or installation is beyond the control of VerdeGo, it is the CUSTOMER’S RESPONSIBILITY to insure the proper care of the pant(s) that shall include watering sufficiently, fertilizations, and spraying for disease and insects should the occur. Should you have a problem, DO NOT wait until the plants are dead before you contact us. Most often, the problem can be remedied.

Plant Material Installed by VerdeGo:

• Plant material 30 gallon and larger – 1 Year Guarantee
• Plant material 15 gallon and smaller – 6 Month Guarantee

Plant Material Installed by the Customer:

• 3 Month (90 Days) Guarantee – (Annuals not included)

VerdeGo is not responsible for the losses or damages caused by drought, storms, wind, fire, severe winters, mechanical injury, vandalism, abuse, neglect, or damage from disease, insect or animals.

Stock replaced under warranty policy are a ONE TIME replacement.

*A receipt must be present for any warranty returns.

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