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Plant of the Week: Hibiscus Featured Image
May 20, 2019

Plant of the Week: Hibiscus

Hibiscus Hibiscus is the classic flower of the South! It is an outstanding plant that is much loved for its large bold flowers that bring the tropics to any landscape setting. It is an easy plant to grow if located in full sun and fertilized with slow release bloomer several times during the growing season. […]

Plant of the Week: Eugenia Featured Image
May 13, 2019

Plant of the Week: Eugenia

Eugenia Cone Eugenia Topiaries are beautiful plants that can grace any home. They can either be planted in large decorative containers to flank entranceways or in the ground to accent the home. Eugenia topiaries are recommended for Zone 9-11 and like most plants, require regular water. Improper watering could lead to browning of the leaves […]

Hummingbirds are BACK! Featured Image
Apr 16, 2019

Hummingbirds are BACK!

Hummingbirds are BACK! Artificial feeders will attract hummingbirds. Because feeders can be placed almost anywhere, they increase your opportunities to view hummers from inside your house. However, feeders should not be the sole source of food provided. The sugar solution may appeal to the hummingbirds’ sweet tooth, but it provides little nourishment. Nectar is much […]

Sooty Mold:  Common Pests –  Aphids, Scale & Whitefly Featured Image
Apr 10, 2019

Sooty Mold: Common Pests – Aphids, Scale & Whitefly

Aphids are common plant pests affecting all types of plants including trees and shrubs. Aphids feed on the plant sap produced by the plant leaves. They excrete a sugary, sticky, “honeydew” which covers leaves, tree limbs and trunks and anything under the infested tree or shrub. Trees and shrubs with a high infestation of aphids […]

Plants for Pools Featured Image
Mar 26, 2019

Plants for Pools

Pool Plants Many customers have pools with planters or use large freestanding planters around their pools to try to create a tropical, colorful look to their pools. Rarely do we recommend flowers in pool areas due to the fact the flowers will drop petals and could stain your pool decks and end up in the […]

Mar 19, 2019

Irrigation Technician, St. Johns, FL

Irrigation Technician VerdeGo is currently seeking a highly motivated and skilled Irrigation Maintenance Technician. This position would be responsible for installation, repairs, troubleshooting and maintenance of underground sprinkler systems, in the Duval and St. Johns County areas. This position reports to the Irrigation Manager in St. Johns and Duval. This position requires knowledge of underground […]

Vote for Us! Reader’s Choice Featured Image
Mar 13, 2019

Vote for Us! Reader’s Choice

It’s that time of year again! Welcome to the 2019 Readers’ Choice! These awards celebrate and recognize the best our community has to offer. Time to vote for your favorite local businesses. We would be honored if you took a couple minutes and clicked on the links below and voted for VerdeGo! Readers Choice […]

Attracting Wildlife to your Garden Featured Image
Mar 11, 2019

Attracting Wildlife to your Garden

There are many ways to attract different types of wildlife to your garden. For birds, try planting plants that provide dense coverage such as trees and large shrubs. Trees or plants that provide berries will give the birds a food source as well such as hollies, cherry laurel, Japanese blueberry or Ligustrum. Add bird baths […]

Lichens Featured Image
Feb 26, 2019


Lichens Frequently, customers come into the Garden Center with pictures or samples of lichen they have in their Garden. Most often people think that the lichen is killing their tree or plant. This is NOT the case. Lichens are moss like organisms that grow on the bark and branches of trees or shrubs. They do […]

Coming Soon: Bulk Mulch & Rock Featured Image
Feb 19, 2019

Coming Soon: Bulk Mulch & Rock

Coming Soon to VerdeGo Garden Center – Bulk Mulch & Rock! Red, Black, Brown, Natural and Hardwood Blend. Available for pick up or delivery! Stay tuned…..