December Newsletter: Watering & Lawn Care

Watering in the Winter Months

Despite the fact that we have many nice, warm, sunny days in the winter months of Florida and frequently little rain, keep in mind that it is winter and your landscape is dormant.  For that reason, your grass and landscape requires less water.  The rule of thumb is 1” of water per week is all that is required and as we are governed by the various water authorities- we are only permitted to water one time per week during Eastern Standard time.  Make sure your irrigation system runs long enough to give your landscape the one inch by putting out containers to measure the water output. This is the best way to accomplish this. Of course, if there is a week of a really good rain, there is no need to run your irrigation at all.  This does not apply to new sod or newly planted landscape, of course.

Likewise, this time of year when we get cold nights, you lawn probably will turn a straw color.  There is no point running out and putting fertilizer down to green it up as all you will be doing is feeding the weeds.  Wait until February before you put down any type of weed and feed.

If you would like to maintain your own grass, check out the lawn calendar on our website.  We carry the products needed for each month.

Lawn Care for December

St. Augustine, Zoysia Grass and Bahia don’t require any products for the month of December.

You can relax and enjoy the Holiday season!