What to Do or NOT to Do Post Freeze

What to Do or NOT to Do Post Freeze

Winter arrived this week as we had a couple of very cold nights!

Hopefully, most of you heeded the warnings and covered your sensitive plants to prevent severe damage. However, in the next day or so, you may notice the leaves of some plants turning brown and crispy. This is probably going to happen even with covering as moisture is pulled out of the plant from the cold. This is not serious- covering prevents totally dead plant!

Do not prune away frozen plant material though. Leave it until the threat of frost has passed. This “dead looking” plant material will protect new growth from another freeze.

Cold damaged plant. Photo credit: Anne Yasalonis, UF/IFAS Extension

Many of us also have gold green lawns right now. This is normal with cold temperatures. Water nor fertilizer is going to turn it green as it is dormant. Likewise, as the grass is dormant it doesn’t require all the much water. Stick with your maximum of 1” of per water per week. Fertilizing too early will simply feed any weeds.

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