Plant of the Week: Juniper Parsoni

Juniper ‘Parsoni’

For an ultimate easy care plant, junipers can’t be beat. They are slow growing, cold hardy, salt tolerant and deer resistant! Parsoni Juniper can grow 3’-4’ high and wide over time, however can be kept clipped.

The compact habit of this plant does not grow out-of-bounds, nor will it become too leggy if grown in too much shade. The feathery foliage adds soft texture and nice contrast in the landscape. It is good in mass plantings on slopes and embankments, as a border or specimen in beds & islands. It can be grown natural as an informal hedge, or can be trimmed into a more formal hedge. It is easy to grow and very low maintenance when left to grow natural. Parsoni tolerates a variety of soils as long as they are well-drained.