Plant of the Week: East Palatka Holly

Feature Plant of the Week – East Palatka Holly

East Palatka Hollies were discovered growing in the wild near the community of East Palatka, Florida, around 1926. They have a more refined appearance in the landscape with its softer green foliage and non-spiny leaves. This makes it one of the best of the holly varieties. An abundance of bright, red, berries appear in winter – East Palatka is a female clone – just in time for the holiday season, and, are devoured by birds. This Florida Native is one of our most popular medium-size ornamental tree. A perfect choice for privacy screening along property perimeter or as a standalone specimen. Birds love this tree for the food source as well as nesting.

East Palatka hollies can grow 25-30 feet high with a spread of 6-8 feet however lend themselves well to pruning and can be kept clipped similar to a topiary tree. They are moderately salt tolerant however, sadly they are also loved by deer so those customers with deer should consider something different.