Plant of the Week: Camellias

If you are not familiar with Camellias you should make a point of checking them out!

They have the most breathtaking array of flowers in many shapes and colors and the best part is they are blooming NOW when most things are partly dormant!

There are two varieties of camellias- specifically:

Camellia Sasanqua

Generally the Sasanqua Camellias tend to have smaller foliage and are smaller in stature.  Most grow in the 4-5 foot height and width range.  They bloom (depending on the variety) from October to about February.  Camellia Japonica tends to have larger foliage and can grow significantly larger- from 6 to 20 feet – albeit fairly slowly.

Camellia Japonica

The Japonica –again depending on the variety- bloom from about December to March.

There are a wide range of colors in both varieties (white, pink, reds ) and types of flowers from open faced to many petals like a rose.

Click here to view Sasanqua varieties!

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