November Newsletter: Plants of the Month: Camellias

Plant of the Month: Camellia’s

Known for their elegance, Camellia’s are truly magnificent when planted in the right location.

There are basically two types of camellias:

Sasanquas, which bloom in the Fall, and Japonicas, which bloom in late Winter through early Spring.

Sasanquas produce smaller but more flowers than Japonicas. Japonica’s have larger leaves and produce bigger flowers. Sasanqua’s tend to a little more sprawling and natural in their growth habit than Janponica. With so many colors and varieties to choose from and flowers ranging from full double, formal double, semi-double and single and blooms Fall through Spring – why not have both varieties!

Growing heights can range from 4’ to 15’ depending on variety. All camellias’ are acid lovers and prefer an enriched soil that is well drained in a shady or dappled light location. Camellias will not tolerate our hot summer sun and most problems with Camellia’s are the result of poorly drained soils, or poor location. Cold hardy (zone 7-9) and evergreen. When you consider the attractive foliage of these evergreens coupled with blooms as pretty as a rose, you wonder why every garden doesn’t have them!

Some of the varieties to look for are:


• Pink Perfection – shell pink, formal double flower
• Lady Vansittart – 2 colors: white & rose pink-single
• Rosea Plena – Pink Formal Double flower
• Kramers Supreme turkey – red peony type flower
• High Fragrance – ivory pink dark edge Peony type flower
• Debutante – light pink Full peony type flower
• Alba Plena – pure white full peony type flower


• Mine No Yuki – white peony type flowers
• Shishi-Gashira – rosy red semi double flower
• Yuletide – red single flower
• Kanjiro – red/rose double bloom
• Bonanza -double red
• Survivor – single white
• Stephanie Golden – single pink with yellow center

*Note: Not all varieties available at all times!