July Newsletter: Flowers, Semi-Tropicals & Palms


Have you just moved into a new (or new to you) home?  Is the landscape not all that it could be? Stop by the Garden Center and speak with one of our knowledgeable staff who can help facilitate whatever your goals for your garden may be.  

Weekly we see new lots cleared for another new home.  If you are surrounded by vacant lots (or even on a couple of sides) and have enjoyed privacy for a while now- you may want to think about that.  Many times, we meet people who are looking for an instant living fence as their privacy has suddenly disappeared.

Consider getting ahead of a potential lot clearing and speak with our staff about your best options to create privacy in advance of losing it!


All basic landscape shrubs will thrive and grow well if planted now.  It’s a matter of right plant in right place.  To make sure you have done that, there are 3 important factors to consider: sunlight or lack of it; salt water or salt sea breezes; and deer.  If you live in an area with either of the last two, make sure you choose wisely. 

If you already have palms- don’t forget to feed them.  If they are looking yellow- they are needy!!


There are lots of heat tolerant flowers that will add a pop of color to your garden for the summer. Pentas, purslane, portulaca, salvias, gaillardia, vinca, angelonia and torenia to name a few. Lantanas love the heat and respond with glorious displays of many colors of flowers that the butterflies love! Add in some low maintenance Crown of Thorns, Sedum or Desert Rose for areas that are extremely dry.


Are your containers looking a little peaked? Don’t totally redo them- just pull out the sad plants and add in a couple of bright flowering or tropical plants to give them some more oomph!

Pool Planters

We are often asked for suggestions for pool planters. We try to choose plants that won’t shed too much and drop foliage on your deck or in your pools.  Some palms to choose from would be small pygmy date palms, areca palms, lady palms, bamboo palms or cat palms.

Foliage plants or plants that don’t shed too much would be Arbicola Trinette, Orange Bird of Paradise, Heliconia plants, Ti plants or Crotons. 

For smaller plants try using Alternatera, Sun Hostas, Desert Rose or Crown of Thorns.  Although the Desert Rose and the Crown of Thorns bloom, they are not messy.


Hawaiian Ti

Don’t you love the “heat” that tropical plants provide? Semi tropicals like hibiscus, allamanda, ixora, Hawaiian Ti, and crotons love the warm summer months and provide that “hot” color we all love. If they are planted now- in the summer- they will have adequate time to root in and establish before the first frost or freeze- established plants will come back from the roots if winter damaged, depending on the winter.