Hummingbirds are BACK!

Hummingbirds are BACK!

Artificial feeders will attract hummingbirds. Because feeders can be placed almost anywhere, they increase your opportunities to view hummers from inside your house. However, feeders should not be the sole source of food provided. The sugar solution may appeal to the hummingbirds’ sweet tooth, but it provides little nourishment. Nectar is much more than just water and sugar. If you do use a feeder do not use red food coloring…just sugar and water.

However, a better way to attract them is with plants: here are some suggestions to attract them to your yard.

Perennials: Red Porter Weed, Salvia (many varieties), Bat Face Cuphea, Cigar Plant, Shrimp Plant

Shrubs: Firebush, Bottlebrush, Firespike, Firecracker Plant

Trees: Bottlebrush

Vines: Coral Honeysuckle, Japanese Honeysuckle

Come on by and we will show you some!