February Newsletter: Things to Do in the Garden cont

Things to Do in the Garden Cont…


The VerdeGo Lawn Calendar was designed to supply your turf with the products it needs at the time your turf needs it most. Staying one step ahead of insects and disease while supplying the proper amount of nutrients is key to having a great looking, healthy lawn.

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Remember, once the damage is done – it can be costly to replace your lawn. Your grass may be fairly brown now from the cool weather and lack of nutrition, however do not be in a big rush to fertilize with straight fertilizer. The grass is still dormant and you will only be fertilizing the weeds.

In addition, remember that when you apply Fertilome Weed & Feed. the “Weed” part of these products is “pre-emergence” which means it will be taking care of dormant weed seeds below ground. If you can see the weed- there will be no change.


Plants are not the only things waking up after winter. Bugs are coming back so remember to continue to “scout” your yard.  At least once every 10 days, wander around your yard and check the top, undersurface and stems of your plants.  A small amount of bug damage can turn into an epidemic if left untreated too long.  If you are in doubt about what is happening to your plants- bring us in a sample and we can guide you in the right direction. FUNGUS can also make an appearance on plants that have been getting too much water or a combination of too much water and less sun in the winter.  Use a fungicide to help control the fungus and make water adjustments if needed.  Remember, plants only need about ¾” of water per week and in the winter months, even less than that.

(Thrips – pictured above)

Check List

• Check all your tools for rust and debris. Clean them up and sharpen if needed. Sanitize all pruners with rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide prior to use and between trimming to prevent the spread of disease.

• Re-apply 2” of Mulch in areas that have become bare over the winter. New mulch not only freshens up the landscape it will help deter spring weeds and help with moisture control during the heat of the summer.

• Collect fallen leaves or pine needles from your lawn in sunny locations to prevent damage to the grass. In shady areas where the grass doesn’t grow- leaving the pine needles or leaves is not a problem.