August Newsletter: Organic vs. Inorganic Products

Organic vs Inorganic Amendments

There are many schools of thought that promote one type over the other, however, many manufacturers are now producing products that are great for plants in both categories.

INORGANIC fertilizers are mined or synthesized whereas ORGANIC fertilizers are derived from living organisms. Many inorganic fertilizers contain nutrients that are immediately available to plants. Others are formulated to allow nutrients to be released over a period of time. If you choose to use an inorganic fertilizer- choose one with some or all of the nutrients in slow release form so the plants will be able to take up the fertilizer as it is gradually released.

For example: Nurserymen Sure Gro products

ORGANIC fertilizers are derived from plants and animals. The most common form is manure (Black Kow) or composts. Fish Emulsion, Blood Meal, and Bone Meal are other examples of organics. Espoma Organic Fertilizers are also available that are slow release and they contain Bio-Tone Microbes.

For excellent soil amendments, give your plants an amazing head start. There are a couple of products that we carry for this purpose:

Bio-Tone Starter

This product contains both Endo and Ecto Mycorrhizae which promotes larger roots and helps plants establish fast. It can be worked into the soil or into containers.

HuMic Granular Humate

This soil activator is derived from decomposed plant matter and the humic acid enhance nutrient uptake and stimulate soil microbial life. It also encourages root growth. This product can also be worked into the soil and is also excellent to help your grass.

Organic vs. Inorganic Insecticides

Whenever there are pest issues in the landscape the first rule of thumb is to determine the cause and try to fix it. Wrong plant, wrong place? Too much water? Too much sun? Too little sun? Too little water?

First determine what type of pest it is and is it going to cause great damage or minor damage. An occasional chewing caterpillar who has nibbled a leaf without causing serious damage may not require anything. Second, if environmental conditions that may be causing the problem are met, then products may be needed.

There are several products at Verdego that are organic however, as with any product, it must be applied as directed. Spinosad provides good control of all chewing insects. Horticultural Oils work well on insects such as aphids and mites. BT products such as Thuricide or Montery BT also control caterpillars and chewing insects.

Here at Verdego, we try to provide choices for your plant needs but our goal is to put the right plant in the right place with the correct amount of water and nutrients and if any assistance is needed by way of amendments, fertilizers or insecticides- to promote products that are as environmentally friendly as possible.