Attracting Wildlife to your Garden

There are many ways to attract different types of wildlife to your garden. For birds, try planting plants that provide dense coverage such as trees and large shrubs. Trees or plants that provide berries will give the birds a food source as well such as hollies, cherry laurel, Japanese blueberry or Ligustrum. Add bird baths to provide a water source for the birds. Placement of bird baths is important though- keep them close to large plants or trees so they can get back under cover quickly if needed. Of course, keep your bird baths cleaned out to not only provide fresh water but also to prevent unwanted wildlife such as mosquitos.

For butterflies provide plants that will not only be a source of nectar such as firebush, plumbago, gaillardia, gazania, salvia but placement is equally important. Ideally don’t have the plants to attract butterflies in a very windy section of your yard. Some large plant material to shelter from winds is important. A source of water for butterflies is helpful as well. Place a very shallow saucer or dish in the yard- add some pebbles or rocks for resting on. Finally host plants for various butterflies is also a great way to attract them. Milkweed, parsley, dill, passion vine – to name a few- provide a host plants for butterflies. As always, do not spray butterfly plants with any type of insecticides.

For hummingbirds some great plant choices are firebush, coral honeysuckle, bottlebrush, citrus, and firecracker. Hummingbirds love any flowers that are tubular and bright colors.