Elm Tree ‘Chinese Drake’

Name: Elm (Drake or Allee)
Plant Type: tree
Height: 35’-45’
Width: 30’-35’
Light: full sun to part shade
Salt: moderate salt tolerance
Deer: not usually
Zone: 7-10
Notes: A fast-growing, graceful tree, `Drake’ Chinese Elm forms a spreading, rounded canopy of long, arching, and somewhat weeping branches. The showy, exfoliating bark reveals random, mottled patterns of grey, green, orange, and brown, adding great textural and visual interest, especially to its winter silhouette. Because of its small leaf size it is not a messy tree when leaves fall in winter. Considered a ‘Native’ by many because of its easy establishment and naturalization in Florida. The PERFECT medium sized shade tree that we highly recommend!

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