Duranta Golden Dew Drop

Name: Duranta Golden Dew Drop
Plant Type: shrub / small tree
Height: 6’-12’
Width: 6’-8’
Light: full sun part shade
Salt: moderate salt tolerance
Deer: do not usually eat
Zone: 9-11
Notes: A beautiful plant to use in the garden where you have lots of room and plenty of sunshine! When planted against a fence, on a large windowless wall, or as a free standing specimen, you’ll love the spectacular show of purple and white clusters of flowers spring, summer and fall. Flowers are followed by golden-orange berries that are very popular with the birds! The plant will often have flowers and berries at the same time. Very fast grower. Attracts birds, butterflies and bees. Established plants recover very quickly after a freeze. Available in a single trunk tree as well.

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