Crape Myrtle – Muskogee

Name: Crape Myrtle ‘Muskogee’ (Lavendar Flowers)
Plant Type: tree
Height: 15’-20’
Width: 12’-15’
Light: full sun
Salt: moderately salt tolerant
Deer: do not usually eat
Zone: 7-9
Notes: One the largest growing, most majestic of the Crape Myrtles. Both the lavender Muskogee and white Natchez grow upright with a wide spreading canopy. Stunning when in bloom and makes a nice medium sized shade tree when not in bloom. Goes dormant in winter letting the warm sun shine through making it a good energy conserving tree. Fertilize mid February with 6-8-10 slow release bloomer. Trees bloom from May-June. Never lop off the top half of your tree in winter as is commonly done resulting in ugly nubs. Trim only crossed branches, old seed heads and a light trimming to shape.

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