Ruellia Purple Showers

Name: Ruellia Purple Showers
Plant Type: shrub
Height: 3’-5’
Width: 3’-5’
Light: full sun to part shade
Salt: good salt tolerance
Deer: will eat
Zone: 8-11
Notes: A great plant to use in the landscape if used properly! A profuse bloomer 9-10 months out of the year. Ruellia can spread quickly and has been known to crowd out other landscape plants. It will form large clumps as well as send out runners that sprout new plants. Very striking and colorful when mass planted in islands under large trees or palms. Good salt tolerance when used back from the dune and out of strong wind. Will grow in full sun, but prefers dappled light, am sun, or shady areas. Plants recover very quickly if winter damaged.

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