Allamanda Golden Butterfly

Name: Golden Butterfly Allamanda
Plant Type: Vine
Height: 8’-15’
Light: Full Sun to Part Shade
Salt: moderately salt tolerant
Deer: usually do not eat
Zone: 10-11
Notes: The plant is a vigorous, rambling woody climber that can get up to 15 feet tall, although it can be pruned to grow as a shrub with a more compact shape, especially when grown in a container. Because it does not twine or have tendrils, if grown as a vine it must be trained onto a trellis or other support structure. The wavy-margined, obovate leaves are 4-6 inches long. The whorls of 2-4 large, glossy, leathery leaves set off the flamboyant flowers in dramatic fashion. It can grow quite large, so may not be an appropriate house plant unless you have a lot of room.
Allamanda flowers primarily in the summer and fall. The large (to 5 inches across), trumpet shaped blossoms are composed of 5 large overlapping petals, that flare widely. There are both single and double forms. The clusters of flowers occur at the tip of new shoots. There can be one to several flowers in each cluster. When pollinated, green, spiny, round seed capsules may follow the flowers. Hummingbirds will visit the flowers.

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