Useful Tools on the Verdego Website

Did you know we have a new website with a lot of great features?

Blog & News

Under the heading BLOG and NEWS, you can read blogs that have posted. These blogs are informational and designed to help answer or address common problems or questions. We are always open to suggestions as well. Email us at with ideas.

Plant Library

Under the PLANTS heading you will find our Plant Library. It is broken down into categories so you can research plants you may be interested in, from the comfort of your home. You can create a Shopping List by adding the plant(s) you are interested in to the Shopping List. The Shopping List, then can be found at the top of the webpage and can be printed to bring with you when you shop.

Also, under the PLANTS heading, you will find lists of Salt Tolerant or Deer Resistant plants. These lists are helpful if you are someone who resides near salt water or in a “deer zone” or both.

If you already know what plant you are interested in you can use the Search Box and it will take you directly to the information you require.

Product Library

Under the heading PRODUCTS, you will find information on Pavers, Mulch, Fertilizers, Insecticides and Lawn products. Last in this list is the Lawn Calendar which gives you the monthly product information for grass application – appropriate to the type of grass you have.

Mulch Calculator

At the top of the Home Page- in addition to the Shopping List- you will see a Materials Calculator. Do you need to know how many bags of mulch or cubic yards of mulch you may need for your area? Take measurements and input them in the calculator and it will provide you with the information you require.

Newsletter Sign-up

Finally, if you are interested in receiving our Newsletter- under the heading Newsletter- you can sign up to receive it.

As you can see- lots of useful tools available. Check it out and check back frequently as new Blogs and items are added all the time!