Sylverster Palms

Sylvester Palms

Sylvester (phoenix sylvestris) palms are a beautiful specimen palm for any landscape application.

The distinctive orange color of the trunk and the beautiful silvery green foliage makes for an eye catching center piece in any landscape. Sylvester palms grow fairly quickly when they are smaller but will plateau and slow down as they mature. The distinctive orange color of a newly “dug” palm will not hold forever as the trunk will slowly over time change to a brown color.

Many Sylvester palms come to the garden center with a “special cut” or “diamond cut” which makes the tree look so spectacular. This is man-made of course and if the homeowner wishes to continue with this pattern, it is easy to do. Alternatively, it is not necessary as it will not affect the growth of the palm.

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As a Sylvester palm fronds change color from green to brown and are trimmed the “boots” or stubs of the fronds remain tight on the trunk. They will not fall off like some palms are prone to.

Sylvester palms can grow to 25 to 30 feet of height over time with an average spread of 15-20 feet. They are cold hardy and not a problem in the winter.

See the photos attached of two Sylvester palms- one much smaller in a 15 gallon and one much bigger with the special cut.

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