Right Plant – Right Place

Why planting a tree in the right place is crucial!

There are many reasons for planting trees, such as aesthetics, color, flowers and most importantly shade. Deciding what tree to plant is a good first choice, but even more important is deciding what tree to plant for the space you have in mind.  Research the mature size of the any tree or trees that you have in mind and know what the root system will be like at a mature age.

When you plant trees, you should choose an area that is at least 15-20 feet from the house to prevent problems with roots going under your foundation, getting into your water pipes or branches hanging over the roof.  If you are choosing a tree that has a significant root system such as Oaks and Magnolias, you should locate these well away from the house or any water lines that could be impacted.

In addition, always look up and check to see if your location will be under overhead electrical wires that run along the front of your house or run from the street to your house. Many trees are disfigured from being pruned radically to prevent them from causing problems with electrical wires.

Tree and large shrub roots can also impact your irrigation system with time.  Knowing where your irrigation lines run is equally important if you do not want to end up with a large irrigation repair bill.

In summary, make sure you do all your homework before you choose a tree to plant.

Having a good plan in place before buying a tree is a smart move!