Plank Pavers

• Available in 4″ x 12″ and 4″ x 16″.
• Rethinking traditional brick pavers, Plank pavers provide a simple yet bold statement with grand proportions perfect for driveways and patios.
• Plank pavers are available in a variety of 9 solid colors which offer effortless design options to complement any setting.
• Available in 2″ thickness, ideal for residential patios and pool decks; as well as the 4″ thick pavers which can withstand the heavy payloads of driveways and commercial installations.
• Available in 9 Standard Colors: Charcoal, Coral, Dark Brown, Light Huntington, Natural Grey, Sandstone, Tan, Taupe, & White.

*Not for retail. Installation Only. Contact Us for pricing!

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