Copper Fungicide or Liquid Systemic Fungicide

Fungicides are preventative products and are used to treat fungus of various types. Fungicides do not change existing problems, rather control the spread of the disease onto new growth or other plants. Fungicides are best applied early in the year to plants that frequently develop fungus problems once we get into summer heat and rains.

Anytime you apply sprays or insecticides to your garden always use the 7-7 rule – 7 in the morning or 7 in the afternoon to reduce the risk of burning the plant under the sun’s rays. 7 in the afternoon would be much better, on a day when your irrigation will not run and no rain is in the forecast, but more importantly, late afternoon is when beneficial bees are the least active and less likely to be harmed by the spray.

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*Note: Not all plant material is available at all times. Please call the garden center to verify.