Plants for Pools

Pool Plants

Many customers have pools with planters or use large freestanding planters around their pools to try to create a tropical, colorful look to their pools.

Rarely do we recommend flowers in pool areas due to the fact the flowers will drop petals and could stain your pool decks and end up in the pool. So, what do you use?

Palms are a favorite but choose wisely because the small little palm now could and probably will be pushing out through your screen down the road! Shorter palms suitable for pool areas would be cat palms, lady palms or bamboo palms. Alternatively, do not plant palms like pygmy date palms in the ground as they could grow to 12 feet and be up against the screen. Plant them in large containers instead.

Plants like Arbicola Trinette, Croton Petra, Croton Mammy, Hawaiian Ti Plants, Pphilodendron Xanadu, Dracaena, all have colored foliage without the mess of flowers. Birds of Paradise are popular but use the Orange Bird of Paradise as the white Bird gets way too big.

If you would like more advice stop by the Garden Center we’re happy to help you!