Plant of the Week: Oleander

Oleanders provide that hot tropical color flowers that we all crave in our gardens! They make a great open screen, accent flowering plant or tree. There are different types and colors of Oleanders but here are some of our favorite:

Oleander Calpyso:

Oleander Calypso is a dark pink colored flower and it is available either in a shrub form or a tree type. It will flower all through the warm months and even through the winter if it remains mild. It can grow quite large so space will be required. Height could be 18’-20’ and width 8’-10’. Due to the fact they are extremely salt tolerant and deer resistant, they will work well for customers with those conditions. White Oleander and Red Oleander grow exactly the same way and is also available in a shrub or tree form.

Oleander Yellow:

Yellow Oleander are slightly different in that they have double yellow flowers and they don’t grow quite as tall: 12’-15’ with a spread also 8’-10’. Usually only available in a shrub form.

Oleander Dwarf:

Dwarf Oleander come in a pink/salmon color only and grow about 4’-5’ high and about 3’-4’ wide. They can be used as accents or understory plants around homes or trees. They are only available in shrub form.