October Newsletter: Gardening Tips

Gardening Tips:

The first thing to do is evaluate, clean up and remedy any disease, pest or hurricane related problems on existing landscape. It was a long, hot summer and with an abundance of rain that may have created some fungus and disease problems Check your plants and treat if needed with Copper Fungicide or Liquid Systemic Fungicide II. Remember, fungicides are “preventative” and only slightly change existing- they just reduce the spread of disease. If you have plants that are particularly susceptible, plan on starting fungicide spray early in the spring, in future.




Black Sooty Mold

Scale and aphids can be especially bad in the summer and these sucking insects will suck the life right out of your plants. Check the undersides of leaves, branches and new growth tips. These insects go after almost ALL plants and spread quickly all over the plant and then surrounding plants. Aphids can be light green, orange or yellow and most often can be controlled with Horticulture Oil and scale with Spinosad.

Weed beds, and if you didn’t fertilize your plants in September do so before mid month so plants have time to harden off before winter. This last application to plants, palms, citrus, fruit and shrubs are especially important. We recommend the Nurserymen’s Sure Gro slow release 8-4-12 Palm for palms and most basic shrubs and trees, the 8-4-8 Citrus for citrus and fruit bearing trees and the 6-8-10 Bloomer for flowering shrubs and trees. However, one plant you should NOT fertilize is your Bougainvillea…this plant will bloom better if left alone now until spring!

Freshen mulch, if needed to control weeds and reduce watering needs. Mulches come in a variety of choices from pine barks, cypress, colored red, and black. Stone is another option whether it’s red rock, lava rock or river rock. Weed mat should be laid before stone is spread to keep it from disappearing in the dirt. We offer many varieties of mulch in the bags, as well as some varieties of bulk mulch and stone that we can deliver.