October 2018 Newsletter: Lawn Care

Lawn Care

October is a key month for lawn care as many lawns are stressed from the summer. See the lawn care guide for this month below. Fall is a good time to sod or use plugs to fill in bare areas as well. In shaded areas that do not support good grass, consider using shade tolerant ground covers or mulch to finish the areas.

St. Augustine & Zoysia Grass

Ferti-lome Weed & Feed

Apply this product at the END of February. Ferti-lome Weed & Feed should be applied to a lawn that has been moistened prior to application. It contains the active ingredient Atrazine, which should take care of all of your pesky broadleaf weeds such as dollar weed, oxalis, chickweed, and dandelion. After applying Weed & Feed make sure to water it in well. This activates the Atrazine and allows it to do its work on your weeds. This product is used for pre-emergent control and post-emergent control of weeds.

Bahia Grass

Ferti-lome Weed-Out Plus Fertilizer

Fertilome Weed-Out provides excellent post-emergent broadleaf weed control on cool and warm season grasses. Lawn should be slightly wet before application, but do not water for 24 hours after application. Contains three weed killers to stop Dandelions, Spurge, Dollar Weed, Wild Onion, Chickweed, Clover and over 200 broadleaf weeds, which are listed on the label.

Hi-Yield Bug Blaster II

Hi-Yield Bug Blaster II Bifenthrin Granules control a broad spectrum of lawn, landscape, and perimeters pests around home and buildings. These water-dispersible granules control fleas, ticks, chinch bugs, mole crickets, scorpions, fire ants, and many more. Use in landscapes and for perimeters around residential, institutional, public, commercial, and industrial buildings, in parks, recreational areas, and athletic fields. Hi-Yield Bug Blaster II Granules contain Bifenthrin, the same active ingredient as Talstar PL and Talstar EZ granules.

*Notes about weed and feed products:

Many people are confused about weed and feed products. Often, it is assumed that weed and feed products will kill your weeds and feed your lawn. To some extent, this is correct, however, the weed component of these products is a PRE-emergent which will kill any dormant weeds in your grass NOT EXISTING. If you have existing weeds you need to use a POST emergent weed killer as PRE-emergent will not do anything to eradicate them. Over time, however, by using pre-emergent weed killers, the number of weeds that appear will be lessened.