November Newsletter: Gardening Tasks

Gardening Tasks & Tidbits:

• Overgrown perennials should be divided and replanted now so they can establish well before the colder weather arrives.

• Continue to keep your poinsettias, Christmas cactus and Kalanchoe in night time darkness so they may set their blooms.

• Mow lawns less frequently now: St. Augustine Grass- 3”-4”, Zoysia- 2”-2.5”, Centipede- 1.5”-2.0”

• Be aware that even though the cooler weather will lessen certain populations of insects, not all of them will disappear. Aphids, beetles, cutworms, cabbage worms, corn earworms, leaf miners, mole crickets, leaf hoppers, leaf rollers, squash bugs and other beasties will still be around to munch on your plants if you are not watchful. Be sure to carefully read the labels before applying any chemicals to your garden.


From early fall to late winter deer (bucks) will rub their antlers on the stem or trunk of a tree. Bucks do this to remove the velvet that has been growing on their antlers. Any tree in your landscape can be susceptible to damage. Trees that are damaged with vertical scrapes or shredded bark- can suffer minor to severe damage- depending on the temperatures and whether the damage is only on one side of the tree or all the way around. If you see evidence of this on trees in your garden, consider getting protectors for your trees.

In addition, despite the many, many lists that are produced by Garden Centers and government agencies, we never can guarantee that a deer won’t decide your plant looks yummy this year.  In my own garden, plants that had been there for years and never touched were suddently on the menu this year.  Speak to neighbors if you are new to the area and get a feel for what works for them.  Alternatively, take pictures of plants that seem to be thriving in your neighborhood and bring them in for our staff to identify them for you.